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Fair Value Gap Indicator

Fair Value Gap Indicator

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By purchasing this product, you purchase a
LICENSE FOR ONE METATRADER 4 TERMINAL, meaning you can only run this indicator on one select Accpunt per license.

The good news is, if you purchase a license once, you will receive ALL FUTURE UPDATES.

This indicator highlights inefficiencies in the market which, in the right context, have an impulsive reaction when traded into.

 This shows regular Imbalances (FVG's): 

and also BPR's:

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Frequently asked questions

How do I install this onto my Metatrader 4 Platform?

Click here for the video tutorial

Setting up your indicator in 2 minutes:
When you receive your email with the .ex4 file of the indicator you ordered, you need to go to your MT4 Terminal.

Right below your Login Number to the very top left, you will see a button called "File".

Click on that button and a dropdown menu will open. Towards the middle of that dropdown menu you will find an option "Open Date Folder" Click that and a folder on your PC will open.

In that folder open the "MQL4" folder. Then go to the folder "Indicators" and your are practically done!

Put your .ex4 file you've received over email in that folder (e.g. per drag and drop) and then restart your Metatrader 4.

Now you are set and ready to use the indicator!

Will this indicator only work on Metatrader 4?


You will receive a .ex4 file which can only be used on a Metatrader 4 Terminal.

Does this also work on mobile?

You can not add custom indicators to the MT4 iPhone app besides the default list of indicators. Generally, MT4 Apps do not allow custom indicators. If traders want to use a custom indicator in MT4 and at the same time use a phone Mt4 application, the only solution is to use a remote connection to their PC.

Why does my indicator lag when I put it on the chart?

Some indicators are very calculation intensive, because they need to scan through lots of data, thus your PC might take a second to load the indicator.

This should only happen when first putting the indicator on the chart or changing the time frame.

Can I share this indicator with others?

As stated in the field "Important" this indicator comes locked to the one Metatrader 4 Account that is limked to the account number you enter in the checkout form.

That means you can only use the indicator on your individual Metatrader 4 Terminal.

How much profit can I expect to make with this indicator?

That is a very frequently asked question with no definitive answer.
This indicator is a tool to help you with your trading as much as possible and refine your strategy, things like market conditions, the times you trade, emotions, etc. still depend on the individual trader!

Got more questions?

If out question wasn't answered here you can always
send us an email in our contact form and we're happy to help!